The Intercultural Design Camp as an innovative collaboration of four European higher education institutions from Belgium, Germany, Scotland and Sweden, emanating from a former cooperation towards the development of a joint post-graduate programme in Screen and Music. Starting in 2009, in Munsingen, Germany as a one-week summer school, the main focus of the project was to strengthen internalization between the partner universities by enhancing student and staff exchange. The main approach was to create personal relationships by bringing teachers and students together whilst working on interdisciplinary media projects.


All partner universities are specialised in multiple aspects of media design and production. Starting from designing up to finishing and commercialising the final products. The ICDC project will bring together these various areas of expertise to allow participants to familiarise themselves with the vast range of disciplines and work processes involved in media production. This approach will provide valuable opportunities for multidisciplinary approaches and gaining insight in the entire workflow.
The very nature and composition of the participants will present ideal opportunities for strong multidisciplinary approaches. Although all partner Institutions share a broad Media focus, individual countries will bring focussed subject or discipline strengths, therefore allowing for innovative, collaborative working opportunities.