Biosphere Website

Group Calw:

Karen Farnington (UWS)
Johanna Jansson (LiU)
Tom Maertens (AHS)
Tina Vest (HdM)

The Project Brief was about the Swabian Alps Biosphere Reserve. The area of Muensingen has had a very large military training area for more than 110 years. When the Minister of Defence decided to close down the site in 2002, the state of Baden-Wurttemberg suddenly was confronted with the question: What to do with a 6700 acres site, located in the middle of the country, shielded from public view? Soon the idea of a Biosphere was born. But there were some problems to be managed, there were still lots of unexploded explosives laying around in nature, and there was no infrastructure at all.

Our group, named Calw, was fascinated by the unique situation the Biosphere offered. Protecting nature, and aiming for sustainable development, but with a rich military background and lots of destruction.

Our goal was to market and promote the Biosphere. At first we thought things should need to change, but after discussing the facts for a while, we decided to use these weaknesses as our strengths. We wanted to market the Swabian Alps Biosphere Reserve to people who like hiking, but are searching for the little something extra. To adventurous people who are looking to do something new. To educated people, who realise the importance of nature, and are intrigued by the contradictions that happened at this place.

We developed the idea for a video that would trigger their interest, and referred to our website. At the website, more information could be found, so that people would be actually convinced they should come and visit the Biosphere.