Group Stångeskar:

Katrin Espelage (HdM)
Robyn Grey (UWS)
Sina-Helena Gross (HdM)
Andrew Murdoch (UWS)
Jana van Buggenhout (AHS)

Our group began by brainstorming ideas and very quickly we found one we all liked and agreed upon – a location based platform through which to display videos and images that illustrate the identity of a region.

We first thought of producing a ‘handmade’ equivalent to Google’s Streetview by asking users to submit photographs or videos of their street including a commentary which explained something about that street. We discussed how geotagging could be used to place these things onto a map. We then developed this idea to focus on the artistic quality of the content and decided that location based video interviews, monologues and photographic projects would be the best way to show the character and identity of an area.

From very early on we had a clear idea about the aesthetics of our site, we were determined it should be entirely black and white as this embodied aspects of Swedish design as well as creating consistency, simplicity and timelessness. We also decided that having content generated by just anybody might result in a lack of quality so we decided to focus on attracting contributions from creative and artistic persons and groups such as – but not limited to – students enrolled on university courses such as media, communications, video production etc. These persons would have both the artistic vision and technical skills to be able to produce content of the quality we are looking for.

By outsourcing content we have ensured that our site will be fluid and continually updated. It is the intention that in years to come there would be sufficient content on our site to be able to display the developing identity of regions such as Grebbestad. By retaining a strong geographical element to our site we are creating a very personal and human account of identity in a particular place.