Sweden's Heartbeat

Group Brämskar:

Carolina Björk (LiU)
Dixie Elsäßer (HdM)
Rueda Marcos (UWS)
Jeroen Michiels (AHS)
Lora Petrova (HdM)

Team Brämskär created a prototype for a book/documentary. The prototype has two chapters, an introduction and a region, Bohuslän. The region where the intercultural design camp took place. All our content is the result of an intensive research in that region. They did interviews, excursions and much more.

They wanted the portability of a pocket-size book and the content of a larger book. The result is a mid-size hardcover book with a stylish layout. For the exterior they have chosen a hardcover with an imagewrap because it needs to have a long life span. The cardboard inside can protect the book from the outside. The cover stands out from the rest because they used a typographical composition. This ‘word cloud’ is actually the essence of our content. In fact it’s an infographic that shows you in a glance what culture means to the Swedish people.

Inside the book you have a dvd filled with nice sceneries, interviews and much more extra content. So if you are reading the book and you want to see more you can just watch the dvd and experience Sweden like you never did before.

Maybe in the future, This concept could guide people to a better understanding of the Swedish culture.